30 days… I am not an addict

Yesterday I read an article on One Year no Beer, that said if you can’t give up alcohol for 30 days, then you are addicted.  I never really thought I was an addict, but I am pleased to have that confirmed for me.

Read the article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/ruari-fairbairns/stop-drinking-addiction_b_9110896.html

The funny thing is I grew up in a family of non-drinkers.  Neither of my parents ever drank alcohol, one sister and one brother never did either.  I didn’t drink until I was almost 18, which by today’s standards in Ireland is old.  I am a bit long in the tooth now, to still be resisting the idea that my parents knew best, because it turns out that maybe they did…..don’t they usually?

So after 30 days, I haven’t had any physical difficulties with the exception of one evening when I took a delicious home made goat’s cheese pizza out of the oven, and it smelled so good, that I desperately wanted a glass of Malbec to drink with it.  But I just thought…..No I do not want that, I only THINK I want that. So I replaced the image of the big glass of wine in my head with a nice refreshing sparkling water with ice, mint and lemon and I was Ok again.  I was enormously pleased with myself; It is hard to beat the smug bastard feeling that goes with this new way of life.


I have told some friends what I am doing, and I have had a range of reactions, from “I want to do that” to “I would throw myself off the pier if I couldn’t drink again”  I’m not trying to make a statement or tell anyone else what to do, but some people do seem to take it personally.  There are some friends who I haven’t told yet, and I am not really looking forward to it, but I feel the best way for me is little steps, just one day at a time.

When I look forward to the next few months, I see a wedding, a Ball, a weekend away with my hill walking buddies, and lots of Christmas nights out alchohol free to work through.  I don’t know what I am more focused on: the lack of booze, other people’s reactions to my not drinking, or putting in long nights looking at other people getting drunk.  However, I am feeling strong and hopeful that I can keep going.  I am doing lots more walking and even took out the bike a few times, which is always something I resisted.  I am waking up earlier, feeling less tired and reading more too, so its all good.

Hold the Gin, I don’t want it.




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