21 days, and counting

21 days and it has been easier that I have found it in the past.  I think this is down to my new mindset which I must credit to the “One Year no Beer” lads (More on this later).  My new mindset is that I am not denying myself something but that I am offering myself a better way.

Any previous attempts that I made at “giving up drink for Lent”, or “dry January” wouldn’t last a week, because I would be so focused on when I could have a drink again. I don’t even mean a huge binge, but that one glass of wine with dinner, but the one glass of wine means there 3 or 4 more glasses in the bottle, and then it would be a waste to throw it out etc etc.

I am admitting now what I always knew; but didn’t want to, that Alcohol is not the magic ingredient is making a great night or a great life, but it is a very profitable substance that I have been brainwashed into thinking I needed and loved.

I am hoping I can keep this PMA but I am finding a lot of great resources on the internet to keep me on track.  Some of them are not necessarily alcohol related but just motivators for being a better version of me.


https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/  I really like this approach; 2 really positive upbeat guys that make an alcohol free life sound so attractive and beneficial, that you wonder why in hell would anyone drink alcohol….. it’s only taken me 30 years to ask that?

http://www.alustforlife.com/  This is really more of a mental health resource but also pushed forward the idea that being Alcohol free will give us better mental health.

https://nowineimfine.wordpress.com/  I love this blog.  Although we are living on opposite sides of the globe, I feel our experiences are similar.  Anyone giving up the drink, and wanting some support, should read this blog.

The other thing that is working for me is that I am actively practicing gratitude and taking more time to appreciate what I have in life.  This pic is from my beautiful beach walk yesterday.


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